The year is 1973
Italy is enjoying an economic boom and Milan is the undisputed capital of fashion.

While all the fashion business is taking place in Milan, in the sunny Apulia, a sewing-machine technician with a farsighted vision of the future decides to ride the wave of change. He creates, together with a group of expert craftsmen, the first workshop dedicated to specialized couture for newborn clothing. His intuition is well placed, bringing the Company to an international recognition, by the early 1990s. In few years, the Company enters the world of high fashion, making available its constant creativity, inventiveness, tradition, passion and strong values for its Brands and creating the Zero & Co we know today


Intuitive, innovator and passionate worker, he founds the company and begins to produce and distribute clothing for babies. Lover of beauty and details, he realizes instinctive and creative collections which a modern style, giving the brand great recognition. Vendola’s children, wisely embracing their father’s instinct, following in his footsteps and espousing the same values, carefully shepherd the brand towards international fame.

The beginning.

 A company that produces and distributes newborn clothing is built. The unique and simple style of its products is so new in the Southern Italy, that their success is immediate.

A Family on the road to success

The ambition and drive of the Vendola brothers set the company on the path to growth. With the backing of his brothers, Pasquale Vendola is placed
at the helm of the company as its sole director.

Making baby steps into retail

Zero & Co. launches Pastello, a new company brand that introduces to the international market the company’s principles of delicacy, care and attention to detail in manufacture.

The transformation

The company loses its founder and original font of great inspiration. In spite of the loss, the company management responds with renewed vigour, takes ownership of the responsibilities of its team of workers, and finds the resources it needs to further the development and plan the future of the Zero & Co. brand.

An important step

The company enters into partnership with the Cesare Paciotti fashion house and thus elevates its appeal to customers in the medium-high segment of the industry. This important step greatly enhances the international reputation of the brand, and leads the company to broaden its product range to encompass the full panoply of clothing for children from 0-16 years.


Keen to pursue a multi-channel plan of development, the company seizes on a new business opportunity, namely: Zero+, a multi-brand franchising network

New horizons

The company continues to expand its range by investing in the manufacture and marketing of clothing for adults and children.