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Restyling logo ZERO&CO

“It’s not a new name, not a new logo but a SYMBOL, a more contemporary, memorable, international way of life for men, women and children.

Aware of our history and with a strong transversal production capacity, we can satisfy the great goals the market requires… with a new look!”

Having a three generations history long, it means having a strength and a concrete business organization

Passing through times and fashions dictating the rules and not getting them, it is a sign to be proud.

Developing constantly new ideas with dedication and passion gives value to a priceless textile heritage.

Born in 1973 from the ambitious and visionary intuition of the founder Mario Vendola, Zero & Co. has focused its attention on the quality and value of production and then, generation after generation, it has improved style and technologies, reaching an international dimension .

The company has always loved beauty and details and has always been ready to point out the innovation during the years renewing itself with a GLOBAL MARKET IDENTITY.

A transformation that preserves and passes on its own expertise adding new and important memorable and valuable signs.

The new logo of Zero&Co group born to be smarter, essential and effective.

The new name is combined to a symbol: a circle… the ZERO!

The ZERO represents the graphic perfection, it is not added or subtracted. It represents the perfect shape which contains and creates everything, the challenge and the constant evolution in innovation.

The ZERO is the starting point of each creation, as the cycle of each industrial process, innovative and digital element.

The Zero & Co. symbol acquires “authoritative” forms; solid and unequivocal, it is crossed with great precision by the needle of the sartorial tradition, which sews to combine History, Elegance, Tailoring, Modernity, Technology, Precision, Digitization

The ZERO of the new symbol remains open, because it represents the inclusiveness that Zero & Co. has always guaranteed, allowing access to any individual without any prejudiced

Following a more crossover Company Brand Design, the new visual identity also revolutionizes the color palette : the emerald green is replaced with a petroleum green combined to an elegant Brass color.

A chromatic choice that connects the company history to the most contemporary transformation.