Our identity
A vision that becomes a philosophy.

“Born to draw a world for the greats of tomorrow”. Zero & Co. is a plant with solid roots that has grown looking towards the future and innovation, creating collections rich in culture and inspired by strong human values.

A sustainable future
Our choises for the greats of tomorrow.

In fulfilling our constant care to protecting the environment, we ensure full regulatory compliance in every link in the production chain without renouncing the quality of our services and products. standardising its manufacturing process, Zero & Co. has been able to adopt solutions that favour energy saving and sustainable development.

• Procuring our energy supplies from green sources. The energy generated by around 4,000 square meters of solar panels not only illuminates and heats the production facilities but also powers all the manufacturing and packaging machinery.

• Certifications of the raw materials and finished products manufactured by the company over the years. The company has set its sights on obtaining important quality certifications such as STANDARD 100, issued by OEKO-TEX®, a consumer-oriented standard that guarantees a high level of product safety and efficiency.

• Waste recovery and disposal is carried out in full compliance with current law. Zero & Co. uses certified companies specialising in the recovery and sustainable disposal of waste and textile scraps. Our company also recycles and reuses fabric leftovers to add details and accessories to finished garments and products.