Tradition and craftsmanship Made in Puglia

By virtue of its origins and traditions, the Zero & Co. family is launching a new project all made in Puglia. Kianid (“chianedd” in Apulian dialect meaning “slipper”) is the new brand of footwear and accessories for men and women. Its aim goes beyond creating a fashion shoe that fuses design and traditional craftsmanship: it is based on the desire to revitalise the region and to offer an accessory for any occasion. To wear for a walk with friends, shopping, in the office, at school or for an aperitif on the beach, without ever forgetting comfort and style. In a broader vision: a brand that is for EVERYONE and that invades the whole world with its “magic”.

Kianid does not produce mass-produced models, but exclusive works of unique and incomparable design: a simple, dynamic, modern and versatile style that will travel through the various personalities of the world who will wear it, bringing with it a bit of Puglia and enriching itself with new contaminations.
The aim is to create an endless journey where the footsteps left by the Kianid are just a means to get to know WHO is wearing them.

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