Suns, our technical brand

Zero & Co. is not just about quality, elegance and joy for the little ones. Thanks to the collaboration with the SUNS brand, it has acquired new international market shares in the adult clothing scene. A product that combines the company’s pillar values with innovative, contemporary and environmentally friendly aspects, thanks to state-of-the-art, cruelty-free technological fabrics. SUNS makes colour its distinguishing feature; its practical, technical collections with clean lines find in iconic garments with registered designs such as Sunsand, Quinzi and Mara the maximum expression of free life style. Perfection is also expressed in his brand: a circle, a sun capable of radiating across fathers and sons, women and men. A world of new conception, where oxymorons linked to classic/sporty, elegant/technical can coexist in harmony.
Zero & co acquires majority stake in knitwear brand Akep

In a sign of continuity and growth in the adult apparel segment, Zero & Company acquires a majority stake in Akep, to date an iconic Italian women’s knitwear brand.
Zero & co adds a new piece to its growth, investing in a women’s knitwear brand that in just six years has won the attention of a cross-section of women and is ready to make a quantum leap in product, distribution, marketing and international presence.

Over the years, the brand has made its made-in-Italy artisanal supply chain, from concept to finished product, a true calling card of excellence, and, Zero & Company, in line with its vision of exalting tricolor know-how, will continue and implement these cornerstones of the company.
The models for the upcoming FW 22/23 represent the continuation of the dialogue with a female audience with a strong character and an indomitable, revolutionary spirit.
The latest brainchild of the Zero & Co. group.

A line born from passion and forty years of experience in the world of children. A new story, entirely Made in Italy with a romantic and delicate taste; a line of clothing and accessories designed for early childhood.

The name recalls the lullaby that a mother sings to her baby. Of rare intensity and intimacy, the moment of the lullaby remains the peak of understanding between mother and child. Lalalù is therefore the musical key that opens up the larger universe, that of small moments, of words whispered in the ear, of low light and caresses.

Lalalù is much more than a simple nursery rhyme. It is a collection of small gestures that last over time.
A place in the heart where the most beautiful memories begin, where everything becomes unforgettable.
Kianid, tradition and craftsmanship made in Puglia

By virtue of its origins and traditions, the Zero & Co. family is launching a new project all made in Puglia. Kianid (“chianedd” in Apulian dialect meaning “slipper”) is the new brand of footwear and accessories for men and women. Its goal goes beyond creating a fashion shoe that fuses design and traditional craftsmanship: it is based on the desire to revitalise the region and to offer an accessory for any occasion. To wear for a walk with friends, shopping, in the office, at school or for an aperitif on the beach, without ever forgetting comfort and style. In a broader vision: a brand that is for EVERYONE and that invades the whole world with its “magic”.

Kianid does not produce mass-produced models, but exclusive works of unique and incomparable design: a simple, dynamic, modern and versatile style that will travel through the various personalities of the world who will wear it, bringing with it a bit of Puglia and enriching itself with new contaminations.
The aim is to create an endless journey where the footsteps left by the Kianid are just a means of getting to know WHO is wearing them.
Street style with a fresh, young look.

DAJE . NOT ONLY IN PARIS, was born in Paris in September 2018.
The concept behind the brand derives from a chance and pleasant encounter with Dave Jesy, an incredible and very young character of the Parisian underground, an appreciated musician, writer and sculptor, a multifaceted artist who ranges from metropolitan installations and murals to digital musical compositions. Dave Jesy, with his success – also economic – represents the myth of Generation Z, teenagers who, from their small rooms armed only with dreams, talent and an Apple, manage to conquer unimaginable planetary successes without any compromise or contamination. Dave is a “Producer”, a creator of musical bases, a composer of our times, brilliant but also shy, who avoids the image of the DJ as a stage character. Today Dave, is the undisputed backend behind the million hits of the world’s biggest international DJ SYSTEM stars, contributing with his work to reach millions of downloads through digital platforms.