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Street style with a fresh, young look

A brand new line from Zero & Company, the result of the creativity of our young team who wanted to combine their many years of experience in children’s street fashion to offer urban-chic collections for boys and girls. Featuring unconventional outfits inspired by the world of rap and hip hop with bright colours, maxi-prints and oversized fits.

The brand DAJE. NOT ONLY IN PARIS, was born in Paris in September 2018 after the lucky encounter with Dave Jesy (pseudonym). Incredible and very young character of the Parisian underground, appreciated musician, writer, sculptor, multifaceted artist who ranges his experiences between metropolitan installations, murals and digital musical compositions. Dave is a “Producer”, a producer, a creator of musical bases, a composer of our times; as such he differs from the DJ, the face, the front man, the stage man…
Proud of his creative art, not to be confused with the ‘image more scenic and less artistic DJ, does not like to sign his works with his simple initials D-J, contradiction in terms and confusion of roles … He then used the creative expedient of initialing each of his works with the first two letters of his stage name: “DA. JE.”. Since his works are heard all over the Globe, he thought of adding the Pay Off “…NOT ONLY IN PARIS”.

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