SUNS: our technical brand. The evolution of fashion

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SUNS: our technical brand. The evolution of fashion


Suns is a Brand born in 2018 from an idea by Lucia Blondi (head designer) and Paolo Muccifora (creative director), specialized in technical and sporty chic clothing. The goal was to create a brand that should meet with the most urgent needs of contemporary consumers: dynamism, clean style and eco-sustainability. To these basic features, they have added some ingredients that places it as a personal idea of ​​contemporary and affordable, comfortable and functional daywear.


Name and logo

The name: Suns. A doubly palindrome word, that can be read in four directions and written with a character that makes it clearly visible. The logo symbol: a circle, or better to say the Monad, which for ancient civilizations represented the whole, the only and indivisible, God and Sun of the universe, which the English translation Suns comes from.



A detail that is the hallmark of the brand: the color, so bright and shiny. The most identifying ones are the fluorescent orange and cobalt blue, but each collection is presented in a colorful palette.



Each collection comes from an inspiration, that arises when all the positive forces are joined in Universe. It can only happen when there is a perfect moment of positivity and love, and love gives positive ideas, in a sort of perfect circle. Here is the Brand’s Mantra: Inspiration is evolution, evolution is love


Suns refers to a wide range of customers, from younger to adults, who love sport. Dynamic and always active personalities who appreciate quality technical fabrics, simple lines and creativity in the use of colors.


The project is the result of a partnership between PM and Zero & Co., that produces the Suns collections and develops all the strategies related to sales, distribution, logistic, and marketing (web, social media and events). Both Parties share important values and skills such as the attitude to change and innovation, passion, creativity and sustainability. At Zero & Co., the hand-craft and the smartest technologies join together to follow the supply chain procedures: energy from photovoltaic panels, raw materials Certifications (OEKO TEX), Quality Management System Certification (UNI EN ISO 9001) and a recycling process for a circular economy. The yarns are cruelty free, and the materials have particular technical performances, such as the iconic Ghost, water-repellent jackets that discover an all-over print with the rain. More classic textures are also used such as the Canvas and Twill, or neoprene that give life to the breathable and elastic successful jacket produced in ten color variations.
Thanks to the Zero & Co. experience in kid’s clothing, Suns debuted in 2019 with its own childrenswear line that is based on mini me concept. Currently the Brand’s distribution concerns the wholesale channel, some direct shops in Europe and the e-commerce platform. The first SUNS store was inaugurated at the Leonardo Da Vinci Airport in Fiumicino, another one in the centre of Rome and next openings will be in Milan, Ibiza, Barcelona and Paris.



500 items designed per year

12 manifacturing partners

18 sales representatives

5 5 top Countries: Spain, France, Benelux, Norway and Sweden

600 customers


Season by season, basing on technical performance, transversality, clean style and color, SUNS has established in only 2 years some iconic items, including the polo shirt with tags, the athleisure shorts with the side opening and the Ghost items. All the garments want to be “4seasons” and perfect for daily wear, mixing functional and essential style with refined aesthetics